The IMPERIAL Hotel School - MOU (Video Screen)

IMPERIAL International Hotel School


On 5.1.2016, at the Reunification Palace, was held an Inauguration of IMPERIAL INTERNATIONAL Hotel School  and Hospitality Educational Affiliation with NIAGARA University.


THE MISSION: “Value for Careers” - IIHS is to be  Vietnam’s preferred provider of international standard,  English language vocational training and placement in hospitality 
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The IMPERIAL Group - Family Day 2014 (Backdrop) [W6100 x H3900]

IMPERIAL Family Day 2014


IMPERIAL Family Day as usual is the time when all IMPERIAL members get together and share our experiences that everyone has encountered throughout the year. This is also the chance for all board of management and staff to review how we overcome the challenges, and at the same time identify how to continuously contribute to the sustainable development of The IMPERIAL Group going forward. 

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