IMPERIAL Family Day 2015


IMPERIAL Family Day as usual event for all IMPERIAL members being together and sharing experiences that everyone has encountered throughout the year. 


In this place here 10 years ago, the home under brand-name IMPERIAL has gradually been formed and begun its historic mission to perform the first tasks: Building a Foundation and Brand according to the first 5 years plan from 2006 to 2010.


Today, in this moment, we added a new milestone in the history of overcoming difficulties and breakthroughs of the 5 years from 2011 to 2015 with a challenging and hardest difficulties of economies, which sometimes our confidence was shaken. But with the spirit of IMPERIAL, with aspiration and responsibility of each individual and collective, our home IMPERIAL have overcome every difficulty and continue to develop stronger and steadier than ever. 


Standing here today, continuing the growth, Every single member of the IMPERIAL Group is delighted to receive the achievement of the mission for the growth of the brand IMPERIAL over the last 10 years. Chairman of The IMPERIAL Group – Mr. Huynh Trung Nam proudly pronounce The IMPERIAL Group statement for the next 5 years is


And  key message in 2016 with the goal of action




Our Group’s statement is Value in Styles, therefore we always emphasize our Values in all that we do especially in the fields of real estate, hospitality and services. Our target Customers are businessman and trade partners. With all the hardship that we have overcome over the years we have learnt a great deal that the survival or growth of the services sector depends entirely on the respect, creativity and the desire to create quality value of each individual, as well as actively connected to create the power in IMPERIAL style which is the collective’s value cohesion.


For the great development of The IMPERIAL Group, continuously bring the prosperity, the pride and the ambition under  our IMPERIAL brand name to shine the world in the near future.


The IMPERIAL Group’s members are together to celebrate the day with sport competitions of football and swimming, beach team building, IMPERIAL Got Talent – Music Performance, buffet dinner and DJ party. 


Through back our memorable day at video 

Sport Competition and Beach Team Building to start our day



Night Gala Dinner goes up with traditional performance – MÚA LÂN – Cung Chúc Nghênh Xuân – Chairman and Head of sub-companies have shared 2016 commitment, proudly announces “Employee of the Year”, Lucky Draw, IMPERIAL Got Talent – Staff Music Performance, DJ Performance and BBQ Buffet Dinner