Celebration of the Independence of Malta


On 21st September 2014, at Reunification Palace – Ho Chi Minh City, the Consulate of the Republic of Malta holds the solemn celebration of the 50th National Day of the Republic of Malta (21/09/1964 – 09/21/2014) and the 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Malta and Vietnam


On 14th January 1974, the Republic of Malta was among the very first European countries to establish diplomatic relations with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, while Vietnam was still struggling for the national independence and reunification. The first 40 years of diplomatic relations between two countries has been consecutively cultivated and enhanced during the 40 years, and the ties are expected to a lasting friendship.


H.E Huynh Trung Nam – The Honorary Consul of The Republic pf Malta makes a toast with Vietnamese Government, Representative of Malta Enterprise – M.DEMAJO Group and The Dean of Diplomatic Corps.

 On the solemn occasion of the 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Malta and Viet Nam in Valletta on 28th August 2014, H.E Madame Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, President of the Republic of Malta, highly appreciated the positive development of the bilateral relations, and expressed her desire of elevating the relationship to a new height. Furthermore, she also conveyed to Vietnamese a very friendly message with her expectation on future relations between two countries: “Our relations go back now quite a number of decades 40 years but we look forward to strengthen these relations by having more people-to-people contact because diplomatic relations have to be translated into the comprehension of the expiration, of the culture, of the traditions, of the people concerned. So we look forward to have to strengthen and have more people-to-people contact with Vietnam, so that Maltese people and Vietnamese people will understand by their each other then we not be just diplomatic relations but also friendship. So we look forward to friendship with Vietnamese people”


Towards this target, two countries to turn to a new page in ties, an era of comprehensive cooperation, and take our relationship to a new level. For the future directions, two countries have identified priority areas of cooperation such as economy, trade, financial investment and tourism where Malta represents an excellence of their incentive policies, and is gateway for Vietnam to conveniently accede to Europe, Africa and Middle East; and vice versa, Vietnam as gateway for Malta to South East Asia.


The year of 2014 has continuously remarked the new progress of the cooperative and friendly relations between Malta and Vietnam. This is obviously seen through the business visits and exchanges between two countries’ entrepreneurs. Especially, an important delegation of Vietnamese Government – the first ever – will visit Malta in November this year to discuss with Maltese Government and the country’s entrepreneurs. 


At the celebration, the Consulate of the Republic of Malta in Vietnam will introduce and announce M. DEMAJO Group (from Malta) and I.value Corporation Company (from Vietnam) which are the two entrepreneurs will accompany with the Consulate in order to implement connecting actions, support and promote trades, as well as implement economic and cultural exchanges between two countries. Moreover, there are two Vietnamese enterprises will get along in the project will AB Bank is the Financial Supported Partner and KOVA Group is the Pioneering Vietnamese Brand in the trade development of Euro-Mediterranean export market.


Presenting the Certificate - Malta 2014
Honorary Consul introduces and presents the Certification to business partners are accompanying with Malta Consulate in trade development project in Malta


H.E Huynh Trung Nam – Honorary Consul of the Republic of Malta states: “The trade prospects between Malta and Vietnam are very promising, providing more cooperative opportunities. Vietnam now is an important member of the ASEAN whilst Malta is a prosperous member of the EU. Therefore, the relations will not only be beneficent to each nation but also enhance the prosperity and stability within countries and territories. “


Video has been published at http://youtu.be/gEft52FC5qQ